When You register for a race be sure to add yourself to the Summary document so others can see who is going to the event 

Hillstrider Club Circuit Races


​The Hillstriders Circuit races ​are a series of races ranging from 5K to Marathon with the intent of bringing runners together, and having fun. There are no cash prizes or awards of value for completing the series of races, this is just for fun. 


1.) ​Your membership must be up to date to participate. 

​2.)  Registration and payment for the races listed are on your own. The club is not responsible for any payments. 

​3.)  Runners are highly encouraged to wear a Hillstriders shirt. Race team shirts will be available for purchase 

4.)  You must actually participate in the race, giving away your bib or having someone run in your name does not qualify

Circuit Awards​

Silver Circuit Award:  Complete 5 or more races listed

​Gold Circuit Award: Complete 10 or more races listed

Platinum Circuit Award: Complete all races listed

​Race Plus Award: Participate in 10 or more races listed which includes running or volunteering for the listed race. 

​Individual Place Award:  Given to those who place in their age group for 2 or more races listed

Platinum Place Award: Given to those who place in their age group in 5 or more races listed. 

​Note: This is for fun only, no awards of monetary value will be given.