​​​Beach Runs start the first Tuesday in May and run till the last Tuesday in September, Beverages will be available for after your run.  Pizza will be available during Memorial Day through Labor Day, this is in conjunction with the Crystal Lake Park District’s “Summer Concerts in the Park”

The course is about 4.3 miles, see map below.  Runners and walkers are welcome

Walkers leave about 6pm

Runners that are greater than 10:30 pace leave at 6:15

Runners that are Less than 10 min pace leave at 6:30  

Note: Head count for pizza is at 6:25 PM you must sign in if you plan to leave early.  If you are not there, you are not counted for pizza.  If running late, call Jeff Aubert’s cell phone 815-382 -0490.  

Summer concerts in the park are usually well attended. Please allow extra time to find parking

Remember we are a "Social" running club. We ask that members try to start together at one of our start times based on how long it would take to go around the lake.  The goal is for everyone to finish by 7:15p.  Pizza delivery is planned for 7:15

Membership dues need to be paid to participate.  Family members are encouraged to join us.  

Beach Run Theme 

Each week there will be a theme. All members are encouraged to participate 



New member Ambassador program