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March Madness basketball SQUARES

Not accepting payments at this time

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Squares are available!

Square numbers were automatically generated using Google's Random number generator function.

Traditional rules follow: last digit of each score of each team will determine the winner.  

Payouts will be sent within 24-48 hours after the round

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The rules are simple.

1. Select "Add to cart" to pay for your square

2. Select a square or multiple squares in which you would like to purchase. Please only fill in the number of squares that you have paid for. For example $10 will get you one square please fill out 1 square, $20 will get you two squares, please fill out 2 squares.

3. Payouts will be made to all games winners at the end of each round. 

Note:  You must be paid before selecting a square or it will be deleted. 

Final numbers will be automatically randomly generated by google  once all the squares are filled. 

If you have issues putting you name in the square please contact Jon or Jim