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Hillstrider Members

 Food pantry Challenge

As previously noted, due to COVID – 19 concerns, the Hillstrider Thanksgiving Day 5k will not be held this
year. Further, the Hillstrider Social Committee has cancelled proposed events in Nov. and Dec.
The Hillstriders have historically supported the Crystal Lake Food Pantry through various activities, with
the greatest donation being the Thanksgiving Day Run with over $5,000 in annual donations.

In the Club’s effort to continue to assist the CL Food Pantry, during COVID, we are offering the following
to members,

Hillstrider’s Food Pantry Challenge

November and December – Run/walk 50 miles each month.
Member involvement – donate $/mile/month – members choice - .25/mile, .50/mile, $1/mile, etc.
Example - .25/mile x 50 miles = $12.50/month – donation to CL Food Pantry​​

Every member reaching 50 miles AND making a donation of at least $25 will be entered into a random drawing for local Gift Certificates for November and December contests. In addition, open to all participating members regardless of donation, one random drawing per month for a year membership in the Hillstriders to be used in 2021 or 2022. Hillstriders guarantee at least 1 in 10 random winners of $25 Gift Certificate (Running Depot, Olympic, Visa, etc.)  If you've already made a donation directly to the Crystal Lake Pantry, just let us know so we can make sure you're added to the Gift Certificate drawing.

The Hillstriders club will fund $200 a month to be used for $25 Gift card awards and excess will be dontated to the Food Pantry.  For Example if we have 36 members join the challenge, 4 Gift cards will be purchased and $100 will be donated. 

​​How to Join the fun? 

Start by making your Donation. 

Next, Run or walk and  Log your miles into the link provided. This is all on the Honor system.