2021 March Madness Half Marathon RACE FAQ 

2021 Race information - COVID-19



Q:  Do 2020 cancelled race participants get priority registration and a Discount?

A: YES – Priority registration is from December 7th to December 20th. This will be a pre-registration and no payments are due during this timeframe. All 2020 participants will receive a discount code for $20 after December 20th so that registration information can be verified. Pre-registered participants will required to make a payment before January 7th 2021 to secure their spot. 

Q:  I am a 2020 cancelled race participant and I do not feel comfortable racing the 2020 race what are my options?

A: During the priority registration, you will have the option to defer your entry (and Discount code) to 2022.

Q: What happens if Illinois changes restrictions?

A: If the State mandates a limit on gatherings that are lower than Phase 4 restrictions the race will be cancelled. Participants will be offered 3 choices, change to a Virtual Run, Defer to 2022 or refund minus the transaction fees.

Q. When is open registration for runners who did not register for 2020. 

A. Open registration will begin on December 31st 

Q. Why is there a deadline for priority registration?

A. To be fair, we have to allow time to verify participants who registered in 2020.

Q. Can I change my mind after I pre-register? 

A. You can change your preference by emailing the Race Director before December 20, 2020.  We have a lot of planning to take care of and we have to limit the number of changes.

Q. What happens after you reach your limit of 500 participants?

A. 2020 priority participants that did not get into priority registration between Dec 7th and Dec 20th due to max entries received will be placed on a waiting list. Unfortunately If we cannot open more entries they will be deferred to 2022. 


Q: How will packet pickup work?

A: On Saturday packet pickup will be available from 10a-4p at the Holiday Inn in Crystal Lake. On Sunday Packet pickup will start at 6:30a in the Main tent area with social distancing practices in place. Participants will be asked to keep 6ft apart. We encourage all local participants to pick up on Saturday,

Q: Do I need to wear a mask?

A: Masks will be required in Cary Grove Park before and after the race, at the start line corral and in finish line area. Participants will be required to bring their own masks.

Q: Do I need a temperature check before the race?

A: All participants will be required to get their temperature checked before they enter the corral, Volunteers will be checked before the start of their shift. Wrist bands will be given to those deemed OK.

Q: Will there be gear check?

A: YES - we have a tent dedicated for gear check.

Q: How does the start line work?

A: All participants will be assigned a corral based on their finishing time they indicate at the time of registration.  Each corral will be separated by 5 minutes. Participants will be asked to remain in their car until their specific corral start time.  Participants will be directed to line up 6 feet spaced apart. Your time will start when you cross over the timing mat.

Q: How will the Aid stations work?

A: Water will be available approximately every 2.5 miles throughout the course. Water and Gatorade will be provided in cups that are self-serve. Volunteers will be required to wear protective equipment when handling fluids but will not be allowed to hand the cups out.  There will be no Gel station this year, Gel packets will be available at packet pickup.

Q: Where is the best place for a spectator?

A: Spectators will be asked to not enter the running staging area. (In the park), there will be plenty of space along the trail near the finish area.

Q: What's the finish line going to be like?

A: The finish area will not be at the High school this year. The finish line and staging area will be in Cary Grove park. , Participants will be asked to wear masks after finishing. Runners will be handed their medal and encouraged to exit the finish area promptly. Post-race snacks and fruit will be available in the Main tent.  Awards will be available at the awards tent. Note: some age group awards will not be able to be immediately determined, and they will be mailed to the address on file.