​​Beach Runs start the first Tuesday after Memorial Day and run through Labor Day.  The running Course is 4.3 miles.  Runners and walkers are welcome.  Walkers leave at 6 PM.  Runners leave the beach at 6:30 PM.  Head count for pizza is at 6:25 PM.  If you are not there, you are not counted for pizza.  If running late, call Jeff Aubert’s cell phone 815-382 -0490.  

Membership dues ($35 for one member)  ($50 per family) need to be paid to participate.  Family members are encouraged to join us.  

New member Ambassador program

Unofficial Beach Runs are on Tuesdays in May (before Memorial day) and in September (post labor day week).  The same running course will be followed (4.3 miles).  Runners leave the main parking lot at 6:00 PM in May and September. The Club will provide beverages. Personal items must be kept in your car. 


COVID-19 UPDATE : Beach Runs are back again for 2021
We are starting beach runs on June 1st under the guidelines provided by Restore Illinois Phase 4 for Outdoor Recreation as well as recommendations from the Crystal Lake Park District, CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association), and RRCA (Road Runners Club of America). 

Guidelines for Runs During Phase 4:

  • If you are not feeling well or are experiencing any signs of COVID-19, do not attend any Hillstrider events
  • If you test positive for COVID 19 and have attended runs within the last 14 days, notify one of the Hillstrider Board members ASAP.  Your information will be kept anonymous.
  • Participants should wear face coverings over their nose and mouth when within 6-ft. of others before and after the runs
  • Maximum group size of 50 participants.
  • Multiple groups of 50 people are allowed as long as each group of 50 is more than 30 feet apart.
  • The club will provide beverages but will spread the coolers out to help maintain social distancing
  • Masks are required when in line for pizza.  This is to protect you and the volunteers serving pizza
  • Hand sanitizer will be available next to the coolers
  • Maintain 6 ft distance from other athletes in the parking lots or gathering spots before and after the run. If closer than 6 ft, please wear a mask to protect your friends and their families.
  • During the run, maintain a minimum of 6 ft distance from other athletes. Spread out to be safe!
  • Do not greet friends with handshakes, fist/elbow bumps or hugs. Air “high fives” and waves from 6 ft work great for greetings.
  • Bring hand sanitizer or wipes so that you can use them after the workout. Bathrooms to wash hands might be locked.
  • If you arrive early to the run, please wait in your car until a few minutes before the run
  • Seating will be limited.  Bring your own chair if needed.
  • Everyone needs to make their own decisions.  If you do not feel comfortable attending the runs, that is your decision.  No judgements.  The Hillstriders will be here for you when you do decide to attend.

Please remember that the Hillstriders are a guest of the park.  The park district has said that they will strictly enforce all rules.  Do not jeopardize the club’s longstanding relationship with the park district.



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